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VISTAMAXX  6102 20040
VISTAMAXX  6202 18159
Synesstic  AN12 14203
TYSTRON  4520 10615
Biosol  NA6 10435
GEO  DMPA 10203
Vestamin  IPD 10030
Vestamin  A95 9775
Green Home  环氧稀释剂AGE 9763

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  Brand and Grade Chemical Name Abbreviation Manufacture
 Dow Corning DOW CORNING® 87 ADDITIVE  Waterproof Additives  硅防水助剂  Dow Corning
 Dow Corning DOW CORNING® 88 ADDITIVE  Waterproof Additives  硅防水助剂  Dow Corning
 DOW Corning 772  Silicate  Silicate  Dow Corning
 DOW Corning 14  Silicone additive  Silicone additive  Dow Corning
 DOW Corning 51  Silicone additive  Silicone additive  Dow Corning
 DOW Corning 510 FLUID  Phenylmethylsilicone Fluid  Phenylmethylsilicone Fluid  Dow Corning
 DOW Corning 550 FLUID  Phenylmethylsilicone Fluid  Phenylmethylsilicone Fluid  Dow Corning
 DOW Corning 556  Silicone oil  Silicone oil  Dow Corning
 DOW Corning 593  Silicone oil  Silicone oil  Dow Corning
 DOW Corning 777  Silicone resin  Silicone resin  Dow Corning
 DOW Corning 409  Silicone resin  Silicone resin  Dow Corning
 DOW Corning 2-2647  Organosilicon defoamer  Organosilicon defoamer  Dow Corning
 DOW Corning 7305 ANTIFOAM  Organosilicon defoamer  Organosilicon defoamer  Dow Corning
 DOW Corning 2-3150  Organosilicon defoamer  Organosilicon defoamer  Dow Corning
 DOW Corning MB50-004  Silicone master batch  SIMB  Dow Corning
 DOW Corning MB50-011  Silicone master batch  SIMB  Dow Corning
 DOW Corning MB50-008  Silicone master batch  SIMB  Dow Corning
 DOW Corning 18  Silicone additive  Silicone additive  Dow Corning
 DOW Corning 163  Organosilicon defoamer  有机硅消泡剂  Dow Corning
 DOW Corning 84  Silicone additive  Silicone additive  Dow Corning
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