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VISTAMAXX  6202 27179
VISTAMAXX  6102 25214
Vestamin  A95 20677
Green Home  环氧稀释剂AGE 18574
Exact  9371 18529
Synesstic  AN12 16709
GEO  DMPA 15988
Vestamin  IPD 15948
Vestanat  IPDI 15316
TYSTRON  4520 15243

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  Brand and Grade Chemical Name Abbreviation Manufacture
 DOW Corning DC1248  Silicone oil  DC1248  Dow Corning
 DOW Corning 2-3387 RELEASE AGENT  RELEASE  RELEASE  Dow Corning
 DOW Corning 280A  Pressure Sensitive Adhesive;PSA;Adhesive  PSA  Dow Corning
 DOW Corning AF-7500  Organosilicon defoamer  Organosilicon defoamer  Dow Corning
 DOW Corning 27  Silicone additive  Silicone additive  Dow Corning
 DOW Corning Z-6121  Silane  Silane  Dow Corning
 DOW Corning 65  Silicone additive  Silicone additive  Dow Corning
 DOW Corning 29  Silicone additive  Silicone additive  Dow Corning
 DOW Corning 502W  Silicone additive  Silicone additive  Dow Corning
 DOW Corning 74  Organosilicon defoamer  有机硅消泡剂  Dow Corning
 DOW Corning 401LS  Leveling agent  Leveling agent  Dow Corning
 DOW Corning 71  Organosilicon defoamer  有机硅消泡剂  Dow Corning
 XIAMETER DOW CORNING(R) FF-400 FLUID  Silicone emulsion  Silicone emulsion  Dow Corning
 DOW Corning OS10  Organosilicon defoamer  Organosilicon defoamer  Dow Corning
 DOW Corning SL 9106  Release coating;Release agent  RELEASE  Dow Corning
 DOW Corning BY16-201  Silicone oil  Silicone oil  Dow Corning
 DOW Corning 57  Silicone additive  Silicone additive  Dow Corning
 DOW Corning 7588  Release coating;Release agent  RELEASE  Dow Corning
 DOW Corning MB50-002  Silicone master batch  SIMB  Dow Corning
 DOW Corning OP-8550  PU additive  PU add  Dow Corning
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