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PS0 Natural Resources
description:Various natural resources are rarer and rarer and their exploration and mining difficulties are greater and greater, accordingly, the requirement of related chemicals for production shall be higher, Hersbit Chemical provides to you the integrated raw material supporting proposal, various mining chemicals with high quality, and the high quality products required for smelting industry and natural gas industry shall bring about the convenience for your design and production work.
Product Information List:
  Brand and Grade Chemical Name Abbreviation Manufacture
AWC AWC A-102  Inhibitor  阻垢剂  AWC
Hanwha Chemical 1159  Ethylene-ethyl acetate copolymer  EVA  Hanwha Chemical
Kemira PAX-WD  Plyaluminum Chloride  PAC  Kemira
Kemira 阳离子絮凝剂A100PWG  Anionic water-soluble polymer  AN PAM  Kemira
Kemguard  反渗透专用阻垢剂Kemguard 11-320C  Organic acid mixture  Organic acid mixture  Kemira
Kemira 反渗透膜专用清洗剂Kemiraclear11- 2200C  RO cleaner  RO cleaner  Kemira
Kemira 反渗透膜专用清洗剂Kemiraclear11- 2000C  RO cleaner  RO cleaner  Kemira
Hanwha Chemical 2050  Ethylene-ethyl acetate copolymer  EVA  Hanwha Chemical
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