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PS5 Parts Assembly
description:The parts assembly/mounting is the downstream of the industrial chain, and has a rapid development in recent years. Hersbit Chemical provides to customer the various premium raw materials and auxiliary technical support services required for production of electronic element/parts and automoblie parts, etc., which can help the customer to greatly improve the product quality, with gradual growth and enhancement in the severe industrial competition.
Product Information List:
  Brand and Grade Chemical Name Abbreviation Manufacture
Noryl PX1005X  PPO  PPO  SABIC
Noryl N1250  PPO  PPO  SABIC
Lexan 505R  PC  PC  SABIC
Lexan 503R  PC  PC  SABIC
Lexan 500R  PC  PC  SABIC
Lexan 144R  Polycarbonate  PC  SABIC
Lexan 143R  Polycarbonate  PC  SABIC
Lexan 141R  Polycarbonate  PC  SABIC
Kemira PAX-WD  Plyaluminum Chloride  PAC  Kemira
Kemira PAX-PD  Aluminum Chlorohydrate  PAC  Kemira
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