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PS4 Formulation and Deep Processing
description:The moulding and deep processing includes the industries as wire and cable, battery, lubricating oil, etc.. The Hersbit Chemical provides the all-sided matched products for these industries (the product quality is excellent) and the matched technical support service, and this is in favor of all in one-stop purchase.
Product Information List:
  Brand and Grade Chemical Name Abbreviation Manufacture
Kemira PAX-WD  Plyaluminum Chloride  PAC  Kemira
Kemira PAX-PD  Aluminum Chlorohydrate  PAC  Kemira
Kemguard  反渗透专用阻垢剂Kemguard 11-320C  Organic acid mixture  Organic acid mixture  Kemira
EXXONMOBIL 7033E3  polypropylene  PP  ExxonMobil Chemical
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