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PS1 Raw Material
description:The various primary raw materials are used as the fundamental raw material of the industrial production, which directly impacts the quality of final product. Hersbit Chemical provides to customer the various primary raw materials and the premium raw materials and auxiliary technical support services required for primary raw material production, and helps you to greatly improve the product quality.
Product Information List:
  Brand and Grade Chemical Name Abbreviation Manufacture
AWC AWC A-102  Inhibitor  阻垢剂  AWC
FONCEPI  Carnaubawax T3 flakes 25kg  carnauba wax    FONCEPI
FONCEPI  Carnaubawax T1 powder 25kg  carnauba wax    FONCEPI
Kemira PAX-WD  Plyaluminum Chloride  PAC  Kemira
Kemguard  反渗透专用阻垢剂Kemguard 11-320C  Organic acid mixture  Organic acid mixture  Kemira
Kemira 反渗透膜专用清洗剂Kemiraclear11- 2200C  RO cleaner  RO cleaner  Kemira
Kemira 反渗透膜专用清洗剂Kemiraclear11- 2000C  RO cleaner  RO cleaner  Kemira
Lanxess BA  Benzenecarbinol  BA  LANXESS
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