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Introduction of NCM

Established in 1992, NCM provides nationwide markets with world-class quality products, materials and services. We are a leader in chemical distribution that offers value-added services and integrates both Chinese and western marketing modes. We’d like to think of ourselves as “an enterprise of chemical professionals”, dedicated to build a top service platform in the chemical industrial chain and make unremitting effort to become a “successful partner of both current and potential market leaders”. We have a great passion for chemical distribution, as our understanding towards the industry has gone far beyond the traditional sense: Chemical distribution implies more than huge opportunities and profound historical responsibilities. It plays a new role of balancing both global and domestic chemical production capacity, promoting energy saving, emission reduction and performing other obligations. Instead of being a pure material supplier, we will also balance demand and supply and thus help make solutions based on demands.

At the end of 2011, NCM will own 60 plus offices, more than 19,000 customers, over 10,000 products and a 1,500-member professional team in China. NCM has kept good partnership with numerous well-known chemical manufacturers worldwide, and integrated advanced products and technologies of both foreign and domestic manufacturers to offer customized product solutions, especially targeted comprehensive solutions, for customers in various sectors. Years of effort has earned NCM recognition from both the industry and the society.

Visit our website for detailed background and information. You will easily obtain lots of effective information about the company, including our history, ideas, mission and even knowledge materials such as the Story of Chemistry.

  Date of establishment March 18, 1992
  Headquarters Changshu
  Number of offices 63
  Business coverage Plastics, rubbers, fine chemicals, semi-finished products and finished products
  Number of employees 1500
  Major events ² Honored as “Excellent Private Enterprise in China’s Petroleum & Chemical Industry” during the 11th Five-year Plan in November 2011.
² Won the “Innovation Achievement Award for Excellent Private Entrepreneur in China’s Petroleum & Chemical Industry” during the 11th Five-year Plan in November 2011.
² Won the “Best Practice Award for China Competitive Intelligence in 2011” in November 2011.
² Listed in “China’s Top 500 Chemical Enterprises” again in September 2011
² Honored as “EVONIK Excellent Dealer” in September 2011.
² NCM vehicle donation ceremony was grandly held at Bifeng Valley, Ya’an, Sichuan Province in September 2011.
² Honored as one of the “Top 10 Suppliers of 2010” in May 2011.
² Ideas, choices and opportunities--Night of NCM 2011 was successfully held in May 2011.
² Changshu Huibang New Materials Co., Ltd. was appraised as an advanced organization in paying housing provident funds in Suzhou in 2011.
² Won the “Award of Best Industrial Harmony” and “Award of Best Enterprise Culture” by Shenzhen Plastics & Rubber Association in January 2012
² Honored as “Guangzhou’s Most Competitive Manufacturing & High-tech Enterprise 2011” and one of the “Guangzhou’s Top 100 Honest Enterprises 2011” by Guangzhou Enterprise Evaluation Association and the Enterprise Management and Decision-Making Scientific Research Institute under Guangdong Academy of Social Sciences in January 2012
² Honored as “Best Supplier of Tianjin xingguang plastic cement” in February 2012
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