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PS6 Consumers Products
description:With the gradual development of modern industry, the living is more convenient and comfort. Hersbit Chemical provides to customer the various raw materials and matched technical support services required for the consumable production of household appliance industry, furniture industry, daily articles industry, etc., the product coverage is general with strong matching property and excellent quality, and this is in favor of all in one-stop purchase
Product Information List:
  Brand and Grade Chemical Name Abbreviation Manufacture
Floerger AN PAM 926VHM  Cationic Polycrylamindes  Cationic PAM  SNF
Kemira PAX-PD  Aluminum Chlorohydrate  PAC  Kemira
Kemira 阳离子絮凝剂A100PWG  Anionic water-soluble polymer  AN PAM  Kemira
Kemguard  反渗透专用阻垢剂Kemguard 11-320C  Organic acid mixture  Organic acid mixture  Kemira
EXXONMOBIL 7033E3  polypropylene  PP  ExxonMobil Chemical
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